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Mark Edwards Apparel, a division of the Mark Edwards Group,  is a leading manufacturer of fashion collections and accessories for men, women, and children.  


Founded in 1995, Mark Edwards Apparel has trusted expertise in clothing design and trend research, while delivering quality merchandise that adheres to the highest standards and quickest market production cycles.


Our hard-working team is made up of highly trained and motivated professionals. Each of them takes responsibility for a specific product category, working closely with our customers, offering a knowledgeable and personalized service.



Mark Edwards is committed to ensuring the success of its retail partners by continually partnering and collaborating to build a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship that drives retail sales and profitability.


With overseas offices in Asia's manufacturing centres, as well as right here in North America. We are well positioned to deliver customized collections that meet the unique needs of our partners, some of the world's leading retailers and fashion brands.


We have developed an excellent reputation for working with our vertically integrated clients to provide the best in branded as well as private label manufacturing, sourcing and product design and development.



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Mark Edwards Apparel creates all design and development in-house offering superior prices and best-in-class lead times. 



We analyze trends and evolve our collections in real-time based on the current market—developing innovative and of-the-moment merchandise at extremely competitive pricing. 


Collections are sourced worldwide while delivering the industry’s fastest turnaround of 8 to 10 weeks from concept to store. Our factories are audited regularly for quality assurance and meet the highest standards of social compliance. 


Our multiple distribution centers are capable of processing shipments quickly and efficiently. EDI compatibility, C-TPAT certified, extensive logistics and category management expertise enables us to ship a large volume of merchandise virtually upon receipt. The Mark Edwards’ team consists of experts in customs regulations, providing expertise in all aspects of shipping, logistics, operations, and customs clearing. 


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Our dedicated team consists of over 150 highly trained, motivated professionals each of whom takes responsibility for a specific product category, working closely with customers and often travelling across the continent to provide a knowledgeable and personalized service.

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In 1995 we started as a small family business designing, selling and producing ladies' dresses. While we still sell dresses, we have expanded to include all categories of clothing and accessories for women, men and children. 

Mark Edwards is a critical partner for many of North America's premier retailers. Providing design, trend and market research, sourcing and logistics services. Manufacturing and shipping more than 75 million units annually from production sites across Asia and North and South America.



Mark Edwards Group  today includes two operating companies:



Mark Edwards Apparel

Private and in-house brands, product design, development and manufacturing, including logistics and compliance.


Group of 3 (James Perse partner Canada)

In partnership with James Perse for more than 15 years, we now have six James Perse stores in Canada and the first James Perse Café in Montreal.



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Are you interested in joining a team of talented innovators? Mark Edwards is recruiting! We’re looking for people who are passionate about making great products. We work hard, driven by our company’s goals and mission to deliver the best products on the market. So if you think you’re up for the challenge, get in touch today.


Interested in booking an appointment. Give us a call, drop us an e-mail or complete the form.


(514) 388-2353


(212) 944-1215


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8480 Rue Jeanne-Mance,
QC H2P 2S3, Canada

1412 Broadway
New York, NY 10018

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